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kids’ art workshop July 07-11 2014


the shadow puppet adventure    and    the printmaking project

JULY 7-11 2014 Enroll now for a week of fun at Trail’s End Art Association with Kathy Karbo and  Sarah Ferguson           656 A Street Gearhart, OR 503.717.9458         


July 4th Trails End Art Center

the big egg project is rolling in the July 4th parade in Gearhart Oregon. The parade ends at the Trails End Art Center, where the big egg project cracks open with a fun infused scramble of an art event for the kids…….see you thereIMG_0348

Homemade stories told in shadow and light at Sellwood Library

“Theater starts with light and shadow. Shadow puppets also help children realize they can create their own stories without elaborate tools or props.”
Cultures all over the world use puppets for storytelling and for children’s theater, Karbo says. “And, children get to learn shapes and patterns. It teaches them skills in learning to use tools to make things. They get to use their bodies; it shows them that storytelling and acting doesn’t only happen from the neck up
.  Shadow Puppet Workshop        March 27, 14                                                            Midland Library   805 22nd avenue  Portland, OR   503.988. 5392                   Story and photo by David F. Ashton               East Portland News Service


a short winter nap


Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..Happy New Year everyone from all of us at                                   the big egg project. Taking a short winter nap, stay tuned cause will be back           with more eggcellent adventures!

Maribelle Maren reminding everyone to VOTE

Remember to VOTE…..the big egg project

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween from the big egg project!

the big egg project…the movie

….once upon a time there was an egg….a REALLY BIG EGG!!!                             Thank you to everyone who came out Wednesday evening to                                     9th ne multnomah….we had a great time. Thanks again to the Regional Arts and Culture Council, TriMet and everyone who helped make this happen. See everyone soon… with more adventures of the big egg project.                               Enjoy the show below