the big egg


How The Big Egg Project was hatched

My family and I  have spent a disproportionate amount of time in our lives at hospitals and medical clinics.  One day, at Kaiser Permanente, weary , after waiting and waiting and waiting for yet ANOTHER prescription,  on my way to yet ANOTHER appointment of TOO MANY appointments…I was surprised by someone playing an old upright piano, so beautifully…I stood and listened and was transformed.                        

We are Hay Caramba! We are a mini extravaganza troupe featuring a violinist, percussionist and 4 performers presenting bilingual storytelling, music and puppetry.   Our work, these last 13 years, has primarily been focused on children and families through regional libraries, public schools, community centers and social services. The Regional Arts and Culture Council  funded the creation of the Big Egg Project to  present our 5 minute pop up shadow puppet show in unconventional places.  We mean to make people laugh and smile.

Our troupe had long imagined creating a portable theatre; bringing  more happiness into the world…hence…The Big Egg Project.  




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