a sunny afternoon

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A sunny November day. Leaves flying. Creatures of diminutive size dance without pause over walls, across the street and down the sidewalk.  Advertisements


shadow play

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eggs began to crack open in the studio….bunnies, birds, mice, bats and crocodiles oh my!  

Maribelle Maren reminding everyone to VOTE

Remember to VOTE…..the big egg project

Happy Halloween!!!!

Happy Halloween from the big egg project!

in the coop

we are busy in the coop….new adventures hatching soon

the big egg project…the movie

….once upon a time there was an egg….a REALLY BIG EGG!!!                             Thank you to everyone who came out Wednesday evening to                                     9th ne multnomah….we had a great time. Thanks again to the Regional Arts and Culture Council, TriMet and everyone who helped make this happen. See everyone soon… with more adventures of the big egg project.                               Enjoy the show below

dancing to the beat of the egg

another Grade A time was had by all last evening as the big egg project rolled out to 12th nw johnson. Ping the pup danced to the beat of the egg, laughter, kids, friends and puppets….come join us tomorrow 9/26/12 as the big egg project rolls up to the TriMet bus shelter on 9th ne multnomah….7:30pm.